Thursday, June 14, 2007

Free Streaming MP3 Jewish Audio Files - Chassidus & Meditation

Due to an overwhemingly positive response I have had, to some of the MP3 Jewish Audio Classes, I am adding several selections as free streaming audio:

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MP3 Audio Classes on Jewish Meditation
  • Jewish Meditation MP3 #10 Outpouring of the Soul - Rebbe Nachman of Breslov
  • Jewish Meditation MP3 #14 Jewish Meditation A practical Guide - Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan / Visualizations by Rav Eckstein Tnay HaNefesh LeHasgas HaChassidus (Visions of a Compassionate World)

MP3 Audio Classes on Chassidus

What is Chassidus? Part 3

Hanhagos HaAdam of the Rebbe Reb Melech (Rabbi Elimelech of Lizensk) continued...

3. Always remember the day of your death and your mortality, when you study the Gemara Talmud and other holy works do not interrupt your learning as taught by our sages that your life will be cut short. Pray to Hashem Yisborach to learn LiShema for its sake.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Donations Needed

From my friend Yanky Markowitz:

Dear Friends,

I have a close personal friend who is in serious trouble.
He has been suffering for several months with kidney failure.
Unfortunately he has now lost both kidneys and is in dire need of a transplant ASAP.

My friend is young in his thirties, he has three young children and his wife is beʼshaah tova expecting their next child.

My friend is an outstanding Talmid Chocham and Rosh Yeshiva who is moser nefesh to help troubled teens.

I am reaching out to you for help. Your donation is extremely important.
Please help my friend be zocheh to be a father and husband for his family, to be there for the birth of his newest child, to be there for his wife and kids, and to be there for the troubled teens that he helps.

Please open your hearts (and your pockets) to save this precious neshama.

You can send your check by mail to:

1572-39th ST.
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11218

Or you can deposit directly to: CHASE BANK
ACCT# 151045700865
ROUTING# 021000021
The account holderʼs information is same as above.

I assure you that every penny you send is going directly to TZEDAKA.

If you need more information donʼt hesitate to contact: Yanky Markowitz
786-472-1743 or 02-992-3530

OR to verify any information by calling: 1) Rʼ Chayim Glanz: 917-771-5335
2) Rʼ Dovid Weissman: 347-524-8553

And of course please daven for: AVRAHOM TZVI BEN SHAINDEL LEEBAH.

The Power of Prayer - for our soldiers

There is a well-known "Segula" that when a woman is expecting a child, her husband opens the Aron HaKodesh for Keriat HaTorah as a sign that she should have an easier time in delivering her baby.

(TZ this segula is found in the Tefila Yeshara Siddur and the Sulitzer Shlit"a used to tell me that it also applies to a woman who is having difficulty conceiving since the request is to open the womb so to speak)

I would like to extend this idea, to assist in securing the freedom of our captured Israeli soldiers. As you are aware, there are currently three soldiers (Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev) who are being held by various terror organizations.

Please daven (pray) for the kidnapped soldiers:
* Ehud ben Malka
* Eldad ben Tova
* Gilad ben Aviva

The duration of their captivity is approaching one year.

On Shabbat Parashat Korach (which will be on June 16, 2007), I would like to suggest that upon opening the Aronei Kodesh around the world on that Shabbat morning, an announcement be made to have in mind the speedy release of these captives! The reason for that particular Shabbat is that Korach is the paradigm of divisiveness among Jews and we can attempt to correct that by uniting in a common cause AND at the same time unite to concentrate on the freedom of our fellow Jews.

Please suggest to your Congregations/Batei Kenesset/Shuls, etc. allover to make this small but important effort to remember our soldiers and pray for their release at the opening of the Aron Kodesh on the morning of Shabbat June 16, 2007! Please help by passing this email around to as many people as you areable to.

There are also soldiers who are missing in Action who need to be returned to their families and Am Yisroel, and who need our prayers:

  • Guy Chever
  • Ron Arad
  • Zachary Baumel
  • Yehuda Katz
  • Tzvi Feldman

Tizkoo L'Mitzvot!
Rabbi Zev M Shandalov
Congregation KJBS
Chicago, IL 60659 USA

Q&A at A Simple Jew

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Chozeh of Lublin - The Seer on Achdus - Unity and Ahavas Yisroel

There are people who only pray that the generation should return and repent. This is not proper because it arouse the Midas HaDin the attribute of Divine strict justice, G-d forbid. The proper approach is to evoke wonders and miracles for the sake of Israel. Then the Jews will repent out of love because of the miracles. This is what happened at the time of Mordechai and Esther as it says in Talmud tractate Shabbos 88a they fulfilled what they had already accepted. This is also the meaning of the verse in Micha 7:15 As in the days of your exodus from Egypt I will show him wonders.

(based on Divrei Emes 28b)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Belzer Rebbe Rav Yissacher Dov on Achdus - Unity and Ahavas Yisroel

Once there was a great assembly of wise men in Rutzfort, Hungary. The greatest men of the country, heavenly saints, were gathered. At their head was the holy Rav Moshe Dovid Teitelbaum AV Bais Din of Madiar-Lapush Zibanbargen grandson of the Yitav Lev. He petioned the Belzer Rebbe Rav Yissacher Dov: The people of Israel are in dire straits throught almost the entire world...There is no remedy save an awakening to repentance.

He petioned the Rebbe of Belz in this way for almost an hour. The Rebbe opened his holy mouth and answered briefly and to the point: "O Rav of Lapush have you finished your petition? When Mashiach arrives the jews will repent. In the meantime it is of utmost importance that we love one another. One must love even the lowliest Jew as himself. One must engender unity - achdus and keep far away from anything that causes disunity. The salvation of Israel during times of trouble rests on this."

Based on Eim HaBanim Semeichah p111-112 Chap 1 Birthpangs of Mashiach

Achdus - Unity with the Residents of Israel Sderot

Arutz 7 has provided us with a way to literally feel what its like for this besieged town in Southern Israel:

Click to hear a "Color Red" alert, followed 15 ultra-tense seconds later by the shriek of a rocket and an explosion. The recording, made by a Sderot resident and sent to Arutz-7, begins with loudspeakers announcing Tzeva Adom [Color Red]. The resident said he aims to give the public a sense of what he, his family and his neighbors have been made to suffer often several times a day over the past weeks.

How can you help?

Arutz-7 Emergency Sderot Fundraising Campaign by Arutz Sheva Staff

Readers and listeners have been asking for ways to contribute to the suffering community of Sderot. Arutz Sheva is responding with a weeklong Sderot Emergency Solidarity Campaign.

Pledge Your Support in Our Week-Long Online Emergency Campaign

  • Click to Pledge Your Support now on for Sderot residents, who have been suffering from endless Kassam rocket attacks.

  • Proceeds go to the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva's Hand-in-Hand Assistance Project contributing daily to improving the lives of the embattled residents and children

The Garden of Emuna

Rabbi Lazer Brody speaks here in RBS A, my wife just brought back his English translation of Rabbi Shalom Arush's sefer the Garden of Emuna. I have just started reading and learning it but so far I highly recommend it strengthen emuna and understand emuna.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What is Chassidus?

The Rebbe Reb Melech of Lyzhansk author of Noam Elimelech
Hanhagos Ha'Adam continues...

2. Be wary and careful of these things: lies and deceit, silliness, slander, jealousy, hatred and competition, anger and vanity, conceit and gazing upon women, profuse conversation with women even with one's own wife and especially with the wife of your neighbor. Especially when your wife is menstruating one should be more distant.