Monday, October 8, 2007

Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen

I just listened to this unbelievable story of hashgacha pratis:

We Are Never Alone: The Unbelievable Story of a Child's Birth
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These two free audio shiurim are also great:

A Rational Approach to the Divine Origin of the Torah
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Rational Approach to the Divinity of the Oral Tradition
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Audio Shiur on Rav Kook's "Meshorer HaTeshuva"
I want to share with you a great shiur given by Rabbi Reuven Boshnack on Rav Kook zt"l's famous poem, Meshorer HaTeshuva. Rabbi Boshnack may be known to some of my readers by his blogs, Izbitz and כדאי To See Inside, as well as through his book and weekly e-mails explaining the Sefas Emes, called The Sfas Emes Project.

He is also the new Jewish Learning Initiative rabbi at Brooklyn College.In this shiur, Rabbi Boshnack introduces the depth of the concept of Teshuva, which Rav Kook takes to a whole new level. He does this through Rav Kook's famous poem, Meshorer HaTeshuva.

What is Chassidus? Part 12

12. Do not be overbearing on your household. Do not be overly critical of anything at home. If you have criticisms on men or events remember the sins of your youth and say to yourself that these sins have caused you to be critical. Similarly at all times remind yourself of your sins and you will be humbled and subjugate the evil inclination.