Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Bostoner on Fish & Ba'al Teshuva

(Bostoner Rebbe Shlit"a of RBSA)

I was also zoche and merited to hear the Bostoner Rebbe Shlit"a explain the Midrash Aggadata that Sefer Bamidbar is divided into three chumashim, because VeYehi Bnso HaAron is its own Chumash, which is preceded and followed bwo Nun Hafucha - a flipped upside down letter Nun.

What is a Nun Hafucha? Asked the Rebbe. The Bostoner answered that in Aramiac Nun also means fish. Fish usually swim together in groups as a school, a Nun hafucha is a fish that swims against the currents and against the tides.

Swimming in a scholl teaches us the importance of unity and the power of community.

The Ba'al Teshuva is a fish who swims against the tide. The whole world he has known and grown up in swims together and he must be the one to do the about face and swim against the groups. This requires strength and resilience. He is a Nun hafucha.

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