Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Lubavitch stories...

There is a couple I know personally who were childless and non-observant, they went to the Dollars day on line for a Bracha.

The Rebbe blessed them and then unusually he handed them 3 dollars. They had triplets! They have the photo hanging up in their living room. They are frum, observant chassidim today.


My wife met the woman who told her this story at my Rebbe's home. She had a near death experience where she was diagnosed as dead yet she came back to life. As time passed she had recurring visions of how her soul, was in judgement in the heavenly court. As the neshama stood before the Beis Din shel Ma'alah, the judgement was harsh, the court felt that since she wasnt religously observant her soul should remain above rather than her continuing to lead a sinful life. One advocate angel interceded on her behalf and "promised" th court that he would be her guarantor.

Some time later she entered the home of a friend and in shock almost fainted. Where did you get that picture she exclaimed pointing to the wall. Thats the Lubavitcher Rebbe her friend explained. Thats the angel who was my guarantor! She said. Today she is a frum Lubavitcher. Marrried with children B"H.


There is a well known story how a man met the Rebbe before his leadership and every time they met over the years he told him cryptically how great miracles can happen on the 7th night of Channuka. When this man chanced to be in England many years later he was searching for his friend's daughter who on the verge of marrying a non-Jew was assimilated and lost. He called the local Chabad Rabbi described the daughter and to his astonishment was told how there was a girl there matching that very description. When he arrived she had broken down and decided to return, when he looked up he saw the 7th Channuka candle burning on the Menora.

Zechuso Yagen Aleynu Amen

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