Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Parshas Balak Tzadik MiMenu - Clevelander Rebbe Shlit"a

My Rebbe the Clevelander Rebbe Shlit"a of Ra'anana taught:

There is a story about the Belzer Rebbe Zt"L. He lived next to a gentile smith. Ever morning before dawn the gentile would begin working in the smithy, the noise awoke the Rebbetzin who in turn woke the Rebbe of Belz for his morning devotions. One morning the Rebbe said to himself " its not right that the gentile should awake earlier for mundane work than I for the Divine service." The next day the Rebbe awoke earlier than the gentile smith. The day after that the gentile passed away from this world.

The Chassidim took note and asked the Rebbe for the signficance of his neighbor's passing. "This gentile was my alarm clock. His whole purpose in this life was to wake me early for the morning prayers when I awoke on my own he served no purpose in this world and Hashem therefore took him."

To be continued...

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