Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Torah & Chassidus Center - Wellsprings

(Painting by Baruch Nachshon)

I am excited to say that I am in the process of creating a new center for Torah & Chassidus in the mercaz, the middle of Yerushalayim. We are looking at something in the center of town and formulating the necessary plans.

The future Maayanot / Wellsprings center will house daily men's & women's shiurim and classes in Torah, Chassidus of all kinds, Jewish music, meditation, a reading corner for children, a small beis medrash and hopefully a book shop offering coffee and cake for visitors.

What we really need are sponsors, the costs per month are only a few hundred dollars.
Please contact us to help fulfill this dream: a center for Torah & Chassidus in Yerushalayim.

All donations are U.S. 501c(3) or Canada tax deductable

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