Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Musical Album Nigunnei Bais Cleveland songs from the Clevelander Chassidus

  • leolam
  • shima tefilasi
  • refaynu
  • ashrei
  • kol hamaseameach
  • al tashlicheyni

    You can buy this new Album Shima Tefilasi at your local Jewish music or seforim store, GalPaz, or in the Israeli supermarket chain Alef.

    Vocals Moshe Rosenberg
    Composer Uri Rosenbaum
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    Shecharchoret said...


    My comments are posted here in my new blog which I just created:

    I got the new and first Nigunnei release from the Clevelander Chassidus"Shima Tefilosi" and I can't stop listening it.

    Elegant, warm, intense and pasionate, Shima Tefilosi embodies the spiritual inspiration to get and draw closer to HaShem with devotion, inocense and joy which every Jew and Chossid must emanate from the heart.

    While "Kol Hamsamaiach" injects energy and invites to dance joyfully to the listener, "Refaynu"
    is a strong inspirational piece which it calls to the devotion of someone that is himself inside the Kodesh HaKodashim. Shima Tefilasi is the peace and tranquility of the one that has been in presence of HaShem with a clean and sincere heart.
    "Al tashlichaini", title, pasuk tehilim featured, and music composition itself, transmits the call of the teshuva in us.

    In general, the whole production itself embodies, emanates and embraces the spirituality of those that have always been strongly connected to HaShem and the selfless wish to share it and influx it to every Jewish neshama.

    Shima Tefilasi is a must in every Jewish Chassidic music collection, as well as an integral part of any tish, farbrengen, simchas, and any ingathering where Jews gathers for the sake of Heaven.