Friday, July 20, 2007

What is Chassidus? Part 5 - Yohrzeit Hillula of the Holy Arizal Hay Menachem Av

Hanhagos HaAdam of the Rebbe Reb Melech (Rabbi Elimelech of Lizensk) continued...

5. Sometimes learn with great awe a few of the holy writings of the Arizal. This must be done with awe reverence and fear of Hashem. In the previous generations they had holy and lofty souls and would guard themselves from the time of their youth. They were ready and properly prepared to study the Kabalistic wisdom.

However in our lowly generation with our base physical lusts and desires you must cleanse and purify your soul from all sins. Once you see that the evil inclination is no longer inciting you and trying to cause you to sin and lust after the silly vanities of this world as he once was, you can study these holy writings more often. Hashem should merit us to refine and purify our holy thoughts with truth and complete sincerity. He will open for us the gates of wisdom in understanding the holy writings of the Arizal.

Those who are clothed in the lusts and desires of this physical world and in the vanities of time who study such texts may however, suffer detrimental consequences heaven forbid.

(See Maor veShemesh to parshas emor “The cult of Shabbtai Tzvi (the false messiah) may their name be blotted out that lived in those past days became heretics as a result of this lack, they studied Kabbalah while their bodies were in an impure state.”)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What is Chassidus? Part 4

Hanhagos HaAdam of the Rebbe Reb Melech (Rabbi Elimelech of Lizensk) continued...

4. Learn and Study on a daily basis the works of mussar and character refinement such as Reshis Chaochmah, the Shelah and Chovos HaLevovos.

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Breslov Shabbaton RBSA

The Breslov Shul of RBS A is happy to announce that it is hosting a Shabbaton this Shabbes, Parshas, with many different Breslov Rabbanim,authors, personalities, leaders and guests attending. The community is invited and welcome to attend any or all of the tefilos,shiurim, and Seuda Shlishis.

All activities will be taking place in LevHaTorah, Nachal Luz corner of Nachal Refaim (Under Pnei Shmuel).There is a schedule of events below as well as a brief decription of some ofthe attending Rabbanim.We look forward to seeing you all there.

May we all have a meaningful Shabbes Chazon.Breslov Shabbaton Parshas Devarim – Shabbes Chazon - at Lev HaTorah

Friday Night 7:10 : Mincha (at candle lighting time)
7:40: Breslov Kabbalas Shabbes led by Rav Efraim Kenig
Divrei Torah by Rav Nachman Burshtein

Shabbes Morning:
7:30 AM Shiur: Rav Ozer Bergman in English, - The Power of Personal Prayerin coming close to HaShem.

8:00 Shacharis Kiddusha Raba Sipurei Maasios Shiur given in Hebrew by Rav Nachman BursteinShiur for women simultaneously by Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum in Hebrew /English

4:30 Avos U Banim

5:00 Shiur for Women by Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum – Shabbes Chazon as a preparation for Tisha B’Av (This shiur will be this week’s regular weekly ladies Shabbes Shiur)

5:30 Shiur for men by Rav Nasan Maimon - (English) Shabbos Chazon – The meaning behind it

5:30 Shiur for men- Rav Nachman Burshtein (Hebrew) Selected Teachings of Rebbe Nachman z”l

6:30 Mincha

7:00 Seuda Shlishis

7:30 Divrei Torah - Rav Chaim Kramer (English) - Finding the hope throughthe mourning

7:30 Divrei Torah -Rav Efraim Kenig (Hebrew) – Rebbe Nachman on the 3 weeks, as a prelude to Geula

7:30 Shiur for Women- Mrs.Shoshi Nissenbaum The special role of Women in Chasidut Breslov

8:30 Maariv Motzai Shabbes Rav Nachman Burstein: The eldest son of Rav Moshe Burstein,

Rav Nachman is awalking encyclopedia on Rebbe Nachman, his teachings, and on Breslov history. His expertise on traditional Breslov melodies is unparalelled, andhe led the Rosh HaShana tefillos at the Breslov gathering in Meron (pre-Uman) for over two decades.

Rav Efraim Kenig: Son of Rav Gedalya Kenig, Rav Efraim is one of the leaders of the Breslov community in Tzfas, as well as one of the heads of NachalNovea institutions in Tzfas. Rav Efraim is also the Baal Musaf in Uman forthe main minyan at the Breslov Rosh HaShana gathering.Rav

Chaim Kramer: A student of Breslov Chasidus for over 40 years and ason-in-law of Rav Tzvi Aryeh Rosenfeld Z"l, Rav Kramer is the director ofthe Breslov Research Institute, which has been translating and disseminating Rebbe Nachman's works for over 25 years. He has authored many original workson Breslov teachings, including "Crossing the Narrow Bridge", "Through Fireand Water (Biography on Reb Noson of Breslov)", "Moshiach", "Anatomy of theSoul", and more.

Rav Nasan Maimon: Director of the Breslov World Center and a son-in-law of Rav Tzvi Aryeh Rosenfeld, Rav Maimon has been teaching classes in Breslovfor several decades. He currently teleconferences a weekly shiur in Likutei Halachos to students of Breslov Chasidus around the globe.

Rav Ozer Bergman: A writer, editor, teacher and educator, Rav Bergman is a member of the Breslov Research Insititute Staff. He has worked on the translation into English of many volumes of Likutei MoHaRan, and hasrecently authored a work on Hisbodedus (Private Personal Prayer) titled:"Where Earth and Heaven Kiss".

Rav Meir Alkavetz: 18th Generation direct descendant of Rav Shlomo AlkavetzZ"l,author of the Lecha Dodi prayer, Rav Meir gives many weekly shiurim inBreslov in Hebrew and English.