Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What is Chassidus? Part 18

18. An important principle is to guard yourself from intoxicating beverages. This is an evil sickness that depresses and discourages very much. As the Tanna taught “Do not get drunk and you will not sin.”

(Related to #18 – In the commentary Heichal haBracha parshas Shemini the Komarna Rebbe writes to differentiate between light and darkness, this alludes to a form of stupidity that some people have. They drink brandy (or other hard liqour) excessively in order to shine and receive illumination and brilliance. However such brilliance is a husk or shell called klippas nogah. (Translators note see Tanya Chap.1 & 7) - By Rebbe Elimelech it was forbidden to drink anything (intoxicating) the last days of the succos festival until after the hakafos – circle of dancing in honor of Simchas Torah. [This was done so that] the stranger (referring to Satan or the evil inclination) should not mix with the holy joy. This is how we separate between the light and the darkness of depression not by drinking and getting drunk, rather through the light of Torah study which gladdens the heart. (Ohel Elimelech #306, Eser Tzachtzachos #67)

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