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Mitzpeh HaGalil Vacation Village

We are trying to organize a chassidic community for English speakershere. Please contact me for additional info. If we can get a group tobuy together we can get a discount and a bais midrash /shul.

Mitzpeh HaGalil Vacation Village

The vision and the plan

Several affluent members in the international chareidi communityexpressedtheir desire to own vacation homes in the Holy Land. They wanted a self-contained vacation village with impeccable religious standards combined with the luxury they were accustomed to.

The Scharf brothers in conjunctionwith several other developers were determined to meet this challenge.

We discovered an enormous plot of land --over fifty acres --in the heart ofthe Galil, midway between Tiveria and Tsfas.

The view was magnificent- theKinneret and the Golan Heights to one side, the lush mountains surrounding Tsfas to the other side. We realized that it was the perfect location to create a vacation village. Our vision is to create an island of serenity in a luxurious setting.

The pristine mountain air, the surrounding towering peak, and, most important of all, the kedusha of Eretz Yisrael; what more could we ask for?

Located just minutes away from the mekomos hakedoshim in Tsfas, Meiron and Tiveria, the Mitzpeh Hagalil Vacation Village will consist ofexclusive villas, modern, self-contained suites, and two-story penthouses, all attractively finished in a combination of wood and stone.

The village will be professionally landscaped, with large grassy areas interspersed with shady trees. A shopping center is planned to serve the needs of the residents.

Located 300 meters above the Kinneret, completely open on the western side,the weather is breezy and comfortable in the summer, yet sunny in the winter.

The Housing Units 1.. Two story villas, with a porch on the roof· Located on a 242 square meter (approximately 2600 squarefeet)plot of land, with 121 square meters (approximately 1300 square feet)offloor space.· Adjacent parking areas.· Possibility to construct a private swimming pool in thebackyard. 2.. Compact 55 square meter (approximately 592 square feet) suites. 3.. Large two story penthouses.Communal Areas* A spacious luxurious synagogue complex with a central beis medrashandseveral small shteibelach. The entire synagogue complex will besurroundedby landscaped gardens, including a large grassy area, trees for shade,andplenty of park benches.* Close to 4 acres of landscaped park, including a promenade with apanoramic view of the mountains to one side, and the Kinneret andGolanHeights to the other side.* A large, central swimming pool* Two completely separate spas* A supervised children's play area, with activities such as arts andcrafts, story-time, etc.* A glatt kosher restaurant, which will remain open from early morninguntillate at night.* A shopping area* A medical clinic

Nearby sites of interest sites: The kivrei tzaddikimNatural hot springs such as Chamei Tiveria, Chamat Geder.Nature reserves Tzipori Boating and Jeep tours The KinneretRestaurantsWine cellarsThe ancient village of Corzin Tsfas

The Urban Building Plan
The present Urban Building Plan allows us to immediately construct
*800 units with a total of 132,920 square meters (approximately1,430,219square feet) of floor space, including two story villas and unitshoused in5 to 7 story multiple unit buildings.
*32,260 square meters (approximately 347,118 square feet) ofcommunityproperty.

1. villas: $285,000
2. suites: $106,000

Additional information:
We are requesting a 5% registration fee, to be deposited by the lawyer
in atrust fund. This is to assure that the people who register are seriously interested in purchasing an apartment.

Construction will begin in approximately 10 months.

Construction will be completed in three years.

Additional expenses:
Office expenses: 2%
Legal fees: 1%
Taxes: approximately 4-5%

Developers and management: Eretz Kodesh Ltd. and partners
Legal representation: The legal offices of Gllass-Bar Sela Lawyers,an internationally known legal team specializing in real estate, with experience in overseeing the legal aspects of dozens of Israelihousingprojects.
Architect: Mr. Iran Mabel, head of a large architect firm in Northern Israel with expertise in designing large housing projects in the Galil.

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