Thursday, September 4, 2008

Exciting News and Developments

Our website has a new look, be sure to check out the new Download Library and share it with your friends

We have some serious interest in a new translation on Kedushas Levi

Download for Free Gott Fun Avrohom - A Segulah for Motzaei Shabbos by the Kedushas Levi

Donations and Dedications are being accepted for this and other projects

Finally last but certainly not least the Noam Elimelech is in 2nd printing and almost sold out soon to be in 3rd printing thanks everyone for your support!

Many have asked me to produce another Noam Elimelech and this is under way imy"h.

I recieved bracha and encouragement from the Koliver Rebbe shlit"a

and the Lizhensker Rebbe shlit"a of Monsey.

The Biala Rebbe of Lugano shlit"a gave me his bracha and encouraged me as well as granting me permission to translate Biala's unique version of the Rebbe Reb Melech's tefillah.

Please print and use the Tefillah LiFnei Hatefilla on Yom Kippur its a great segulah!

May we all have a Kesiva veChasima Tova and a Good Year

Please keep me in your prayers for a good year Tal Moshe HaLevi ben Esther Frima

Please send me your names so that I may pray for you and your family and loved ones as well.

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