Thursday, August 20, 2009

formation of 501 c 3 Non Profit

We are in exciting times, many new projects are on the horizon, and we are looking to fund them and consolidate the funds to allow us to produce the maximum.
To help us we need to create a US NonProfit Organization, which means that we need to incorporate and file with the IRS for Non Profit Tax Exempt status.
Anyone in the USA who can help (with funds, legal advice etc) and who would like to become a member of our executive board, please reach out to me and let me know.
New Book projects include:
* Kedushas Levi on Chumash (in editing)
* Kedushas Levi on Moadim (Holidays)
* Chassidic Masters on Pirkei Avos (in progress)
* Noam Elimelech II new Divrei Torah & Stories (in progress)
* Reb Melech & Reb Zisha (Divrei Torah and Stories) (in progress)
Other New Projects planned:
* Chassidic Centers in Israel (Bais Midrash & Shul)
* Centers for Chassidus in the USA (Do you want to found one in your city?)
* Guided Trips / Tours to Kivrei Tzadikim in Europe
* Annual Get Together of Chassidim in USA
* Creation of Heritage Centers in Poland and Ukraine
Are you as excited as I am? Together we can make it happen.
Kol Tuv,
R' Tal Moshe Zwecker
Director Machon Be'er Mayim Chaim
Phone: 972-2-992-1218 / Cell: 972-54-842-4725
VoIP: 516-320-6022
eFax: 1-832-213-3135
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