Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today is the Yahrzeit of the Aish Kodesh of Piaseczna who is an einikel of the famous Noam Elimelech - the Rebbe Reb Melech of Lizhensk

Today is Dalet (4) MarCheshvan the Yorzeit Hillulah of the Piaseczna Rebbe
(who is an einikel of the famous Noam Elimelech - the Rebbe Reb Melech of Lizhensk)

Rav Kalonymous Kalmish ben Elimelech zy"a the author of Aish Kodesh, Chovas HaTalmidim Hy"D
In his Sefer Mevo HaSha'arim Chap 7 he writes: (paraphrase)
The simple Jews and the average Jews the Householders
Not Just Like Leavs But Like the Flames of a Torch
"The job of the simple Jews and the householders in Chassidus is not simply to act like the leaves of a tree, which guard the fruit from harm and harness the sun's rays to produce food and sustenance so the fruit of the tree (the Tzadik) can blossom and grow. They are not there just to go to work and toil and support others. Rather they too are to be lit aflame with the excitement and enthusiasm of Chassidus and just as many small flames come together they then form a blazing torch whose light shines forth with a heavenly supernal fire and light of G-d. Then they are not only adding but aiding the Tzadik as well since they gain by drawing close to the simple and the householders."
Part of a Human Pyramid whose job at the foundation forms the base!
"In the Bais Aharon of Karlin he taught from Rav Shlomo Karliner the following parable: A king needed to reach a very high place to get an object from there and he did not posess a ladder that reached high enough. What did he do? He gathered several servants together and had them stand on each other's shoulders until the servant at the top was able to reach the object.
Now anyone who understand the parable cannot say that the servant on the very bottom is unnecassary?! Without him the entire group would collapse! The same is true regarding holiness We cannot grasp G-d's greatness without the 600,000 souls of the entire group of k'lal yisroel - the jewish people and although among them there are some simpletons without them even the most learned cannot grasp Hashem."
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Chazzan805 said...

But the "simpletons" in this parable are still presumed to be shomrei torah umitzvos. Unfortunately this parable doesn't apply any longer, although many would eat it up. Those 80% or 90% who are unaffiliated are needed in order to stand on each other's shoulders and work towards grasping the splendor and greatness of Hashem. And, of course I condemn 90% of the ultra-orthodox community for not showing any interest in the rest of klal Yisroel. But don't mind me. I'm just a frustrated ba'al teshuva. Whatever the case, I just discovered the site, and like it very much.