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Shavous a lesson and a Chassidic story

From the upcoming MeOros Kedushas Levi Vol. II on Moadim
Matan Torah vs. Kabalas HaTorah
The Berditchever once explained that, "Z'man Matan Toarseinu - the time of the giving of the Torah was a historical past event that occurred when G-d gave the Jewish people the Torah at Mount Sinai."

"However Kabalas HaTorah - that is the acceptance of the Torah is a contemporary phenomenon. It is a timeless event which can take place within the heart of any Jew at any time."
Shavous - Who is worthy of climbing Mt Sinai?
The Chozeh of Lublin was once conducting his tisch on Shavous, a festive meal together with his chassidim. From his vantage point seated up front he noticed a chassid elbowing and shoving his way through the sea of chassidim as he tried to part them as Moshe had the sea of reeds after the Exodus. As the young man pushed his way through the crowd he headed closer and closer to the Rebbe. He was obviously fighting his way through the crowd to reach what he thought was a spot closest to the Chozeh. His rudeness and disregard for the pain he was causing others bothered the Rebbe.
When the fellow was within earshot the Chozeh said:

"Yungerman! - Young man, if you truly believe that you are pushing your way towards Mount Sinai, a place where you can receive the Torah, well then you must also believe in the warning that Hashem gave Moshe when he cordoned off the mountain. Only people of stature and importance such as Moshe and Aharon were allowed passed that point, pushy youngsters such as yourself had no right to shove their way up to Mount Sinai!"
(Fun Unzer Geistiger Charifis II p103)
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