Friday, June 25, 2010

The Kedushas Levi and Rav Moshe Bostoner Zt"l

I was zoche to spend some time with Rav Meir of Boston Har Nof Shlit"a tonight at a simchah in Jerusalem,
we were (off course) discussing the Kedushas Levi project I am imy"h priting and during the conversation he told me the following story about his uncle Rav Moshe of Boston Zt"l
Rav Moshe once suffered cardiac arrest and he was Baruch Hashem revived. At the seudas hodaah - the festival meal he conducted thanking Hashem for His kindness and mercy in granting him life he told the following remarkable story:
"When I was unconsciouss my soul left my body and I found myself at a long table serving and giving out Kugel to guests. I then noticed a distinguished looking older Yid with a red beard sit down at the table beside me. I turned to my father and asked him who that Yid is. "That is the Berditchever Rav," answered my father. I turned to him and he grasped my wrist and said, "Yungerman! - Young man, you are too young to be here!" With that I awoke and found myself back in this world. I looked down at my wrist and there was a red hand mark there, where the Berditchever had grasped me!"
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