Thursday, August 9, 2012

You just gotta love Eretz Yisroel

So the other day I go to pump gas and my credit card says denied (guess I reached my credit limit I say) and pay cash. The next day on Erev Shabbos I go to check out at the supermarket and say lets try my card just in case, well the cashier takes it and it goes thru, so I say to myself, wow, look at that for the gas it did not work but now it did? The chashier looks at me, nice young lady (did not appear religious) and says in all seriousness, off course it worked for you now, you are shopping for food lekavod Shabbat! but for gas it wouldnt work because thats not lekevod Shabbat! - what Emunah - and Pashtus - gotta love it!!!

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