Monday, October 22, 2012

As Long As A Pulse Is Still Beating... (Aish Kodesh Hilula 5773)

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Rav Weinberger's drasha start around the 1 hour mark and runs for about 40 minutes. The rest of the file contains the Hilula's singing and music. Yaakov Avinu's (our forefather) desire to be removed from Egypt and be burried in Eretz Yisrael. The neshamah (soul) of a tzaddik (righteous person) can be drawn to whereever people, who need and him and daven (pray) hor his help, are. He is drawn like a magnet to to Jews who learn his Torah and who remember him. Why was the soul of the Ba'al Shem Tov sent into this world? To awaken those who are asleep, even though they appear to be fully "functioning" and observant Jews. Different types and levels of sleep. Barely alive, with a last, almost indiscernible pulse, we can still wake up. Dry, routine Yiddishkeit which contains no love for, awe of, or attachment to Hashem. Our task: reach out and touch the neshamos of tzaddikim.

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