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Yorzeit of Rachel Imeinu

How Rachel Aids Her Children

Kedushas Levi by Rav Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev
Parshas VaYetzeh

"And he said did you know Lavan the son of Nachor etc." (29:4-5)

Based on the method of Remez (see above) it seems to me that they said "We are from Charan," and Charan alludes to harsh judgments as our sages taught in the holy Zohar1 and as Rashi explains at the end of parshas Noach (11:32) "Charan has an upside down Nun since until Avraham there was Charon Af - anger and wrath in the world." Study it there.

Lavan - white connotes chessed or loving kindness as is known (Tikkunei Zohar Intro 9b) and this is the meaning of "did you know Lavan the son of Nachor etc." from the harsh judgments chessed and loving kindness follows; as our sages taught (Brachos 60b) "All that the Merciful One does, is done for the good." "And they answered we know [him]." "And he asked them is it peaceful for him?" So to speak is there peace up above with no prosecutions when judgments are transformed in chessed and loving kindness. "And they answered him peace."

"And behold Rachel his daughter is coming with the sheep." (See Bereshis Rabbah 70:10) Since Rachel is coming with the flocks of sheep which refers to the Jewish people who are called Tzon Kedoshim - holy sheep and therefore she is constantly nullifying the prosecuting agents and causing peace up above, as is written in the sefer Chasdei Hashem regarding a story that whenever there is a time of trouble and calamity Rachel comes and cries out to cancel and nullify all the troubles from Bnei Yisroel.2 Understand this.


  1.. See Zohar I 147b and Bereshis Rabbah 68:13; 70:11.

  2.. See the story in the citation below. See also Bereshis Rabbah 82:10; Zohar II 29b.

Stories & Parables

Rachel Cries in Distress To Save Her Children

from the Sefer Chasdei Hashem

The sefer Chasdei Hashem by Rav Moshe Mordechai Margolios was printed in Cracow in the year 1589. On page 47b he writes:

(Yishaya 53:7) As a Rachel - a sheep is silent before her shearers, so too our Matriarch Rachel is shorn and in distress. As the verse says (Yirmiyahu 31:14) "A voice in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping; Rachel crying over her children refusing to be comforted."

I must copy a great matter here which I saw written regarding an incident that happened close to our times. In the country of Ashkenaz (Germany) there were several congregations that were forlorn and despondent in their distress from being harassed and maltreated and jailed.

Among them was a great man by the name of Rav Moshe Naiyas. They said that one time during the night they heard a bitter voice call out "Woe is to me, over my children!" They told of the incident to Rav Moshe Naiyas and he answered them: "Do not worry and do not fear, because shortly we will all be able to return to our homes in peace." And so it was.

When he was questioned as to the crying they had heard he said that this was the voice of our matriarch Rachel, and that when Yisroel are distressed Rachel cries over her children and calls out before Hashem until He answers her saying "stop your voice from crying."

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