Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sandy Relief and Chessed Efforts

Make sure to tell all your Five Towns neighbors about the food and clothing distribution center at Shor Yoshuv and the Young Israel of Woodmere. They are setting people up with meals, linen and clothing, but not enough people know about it! Please spread the word to those without power or internet access. Thanks!

Please forward to your friends in NY/NJ who expect to be without power this shabbos.

The Silver Spring Community and others are seeking expressions of interest for another bus from the NY/NJ area to Silver Spring and its environs for this coming Shabbos. If there is interest, a bus will leave Friday morning with a return to the NY (or NJ) area on Sunday evening. Transportation will be free. Home hospitality and meals will be provided.

Please share this message by e-mail, social media, etc.

Send all requests to MDreliefshabbos@gmail.com with any questions or with the family name and the total number of people (adults and children) who would come if the bus were provided.

We will have more formal "registration" once we have identified the need. As with the last one, the registration will be thorough the Young Israel Shomrai Emunah website.

If you do not need transportation, we can still arrange hospitality.

Silver Spring residents who wish to host, we'll post a link for signing up when we've assessed the need. Well over 100 families volunteered to host last time.

Thanks, everyone.

--Chad Miller

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