Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So why did you go ?

Someone captured a photo of me at the Prayer Rally aka Million Man March on Jerusalem
by the bridge ameitarim

Many people who know me know that I never attend protests, I just dont go. So many of them were surprised to hear and "see" that I went to this one.

Well the truth is at first I didnt intend to. But as the day wore on and "everyone" was going I felt left out and when my boys came home and said Tatty, how come youre not going when all the gedolim said to? I felt that for the sake of good chinuch alone I should show them that their Tatty listens to our rabbis and accepts their authority and I like Jewish unity and this was a prayer rally not a demonstration and so I went.

I am glad I did.

There was tremendous unity and it was very moving to be a part of such a presence, there was electricity on the air. We said Tehillim, Selichos and davened.

And we also sent a message saying united we stand, together diverse yet as one. We are am Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel only because the Torah has kept us alive through galus, and no Mr Netanyahu, Benet or Lapid can take that away from us.

The arab cab driver who drove me for 20NIS from Har Hertzel towards the Jerusalem Gates asked me to what purpose I was going, and so I told him, they have decreed against us all, "and what can this rally do?" he asked me, I answered him, pointing my finger up towards Heaven and said, "we are helpless we cannot do anything only He can help us, only He can rescind or cancel this decree, and so we have to ask Him, we have to pray." He nodded seriously and said, "You are right I agree."

He gets it.
Well by now about 20 some odd people asked me if I had seen myself in this magazine/blog/website etc etc
and yes thanks I have by now

The funny thing is that I actually saw many reporters they didnt look particularly religious so I had no idea to what use and under what headlines and with what captions the photos they were snapping away would be used for so I kept ducking behind my pamphlet of Tehillim, but I guess they caught me anyway when I was unaware!

The gigantic crowds

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Shlomo-Zalman said...

I think those rallies turn secular Jews away. IMHO our tafkid is to serve as positive role model for the nations and for the secular Jews everywhere. Our every move is watched and can change ppl opinions of Torah and Yiddishkeit. Political changes should be effected by political means. Frum yidden should build schools, hospitals, help those less fortunate and spread the torah. Not appear as negative demanding masses.