Friday, April 8, 2016

This cute Pesach poem was forwarded to me

Pesach Cleaning Questionnaire

In order for this questionnaire
To work the way it should,
You must be very honest
As I knew you would.

Go through the questions-
One, two and three,
Think through each one
Very thoroughly.

1. How many times
In the past year
Have you served supper
In the chandelier?

How you've done it
I'd like to ask
It surely wasn't
An easy task

Seating the whole family
On the fixture all around
Making sure that place up there
For every kid was found.

The serving must have also been
No easy feat;
Getting portions up on top
For every child to eat.

In the end, when all was done
Some crumbs stayed, I fear…
And so now you must start
Scrubbing your chandelier!

2. How often have you served
Your guests some food and drink
In the mirrored cupboard
Above the bathroom sink?

It must have been embarrassing
Trying to fit in,
Especially if the guest you had
Weren't very thin!

In the end, I hope they enjoyed
Your hosting, nonetheless,
But now you found the leftovers
And have to clean up the mess.

3. Just a few weeks ago
Did you have an urgent feeling
To serve the Purim meal
Upon the kitchen ceiling?

You must have used electric tape
Or maybe crazy glue
For everything to stick up there,
A real venahapoch hu!

In the end you all jumped down
But worthwhile it hasn't been,
'Cuz now out comes the ladder,
And the ceiling you must clean!

If you answered yes
To any of these three,
Go ahead and puff and pant
And be as busy as you can be!

But if you answered negative
Then stop fooling around,
Look for chametz only
Where it can be found!

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