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Pirkei Avos is a treasure trove of timeless teachings from our Sages — teachings of mussar, character development, and advice for refining and honing the soul. What better way to appreciate these teachings than through the lens and perspective of our chassidic leaders?

In Maasei Avos, renowned author Rabbi Tal Moshe Zwecker has gathered stories, anecdotes, and parables from the the Berditchever, the Tiferes Shlomo, the Kotzker Rebbe, and many others. Using their words and insights, he illuminates the teachings of our sages in a style that is eminently down to earth...yet inspires us to reach for the heavens.

Once again, Rabbi Zwecker has opened the wondrous world of Chassidus to the English-speaking public. Enrich your understanding of Avos with this fundamental and profound work.

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Pirkei Avos is a treasure trove of timeless teachings from our guiding avos — teachings of mussar, character development, and advice for refining and honing the soul. What better way to appreciate the teachings of our avos, our forefathers, than through the lens and perspective of our rebbes, the chassidic masters?

The tzaddikim peeled away the layers of peshat (the simple literal meaning) and uncovered the hidden messages of remez (hints), derash (homiletical, analytical, and allegorical), and sod (secrets of Kabbalistic tradition). They revealed deeper meanings and covert messages and unearthed gems of splendorous light from within Chazal's mishnayos.

The Baal Shem Tov was the founder of the chassidic movement. The Maggid of Mezritch was his successor, and the Maggid had many disciples who became the next generation of leaders and rebbes. Each of these disciples reflected facets of the primary teachings of the Maggid and the Baal Shem Tov: Love every Jew; teach even the simplest Jew how precious and important his avodah is; be joyful and invigorated when serving Hashem; light your soul on fire when you study Torah; soar Heavenward on the wings of each word of tefillah when you daven; seek the counsel of the righteous and hearken to their advice; observe the wonders and miracles of the rebbes; never forget about Hashem even in the midst of the most mundane acts; and Hashem is there beside you, each step of the way — while you 8 Ma'asei Avos conduct business, eat, sleep, sing, dance, laugh, and mourn. Each tzaddik represents another thread woven together to form a tapestry of chassidus, teachings that shape our avodas Hashem — how we serve G-d, how we relate to man, and how to better ourselves and our lives.

Each tzaddik hails from a dynasty and a chassidic court that emphasized these teachings, and as they passed down their rich heritage and molded, guided, and directed their chassidim they told stories: Tales of kings and princes, thieves and bandits, wicked tzaddikim and righteous resha'im, parables and messages. When the rebbes held court and conducted their public meals, the chassidim were invited to their holy tables. At the tisch the rebbe was inspired to say Torah, and the Shechinah spoke through him as he delivered discourses, drawing down Torah from the highest Heavenly spheres to love, rebuke, and shape his listeners.

It is from that body of traditional Torah and tales on Avos that I have gathered samples to share with you, my readers. So as the lights dim, shalosh seudos draws near, and the crowd of silk bekishes and shtreimels jostles to get closer and hear a message to heal its heart and balm its soul…come join us!

Sit back, close your eyes, and listen to the tzaddik — and don't worry if your Yiddish is a bit rusty and your Hebrew needs some work. I have arranged translation as transportation so that you can join me on a journey to the deepest depths of your own heart and soul, to be moved and transformed by the fire and light of chassidus on Avos.

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