Wednesday, December 27, 2023


After Pesach we started a Kollel from 10 in the morning until 1pm Sunday through Thursday schedule is Otzros Chaim with chavrusas focused on peshat with a iyun shiur that I give once or twice a week based on Rav Dwek Eifa Sheleima and Rav Morgenstern sefer shiurim we also went into Etz Chaim mati velo mati and shaar hakdamos 

BH after  1230pm we are studying the Rashash matbea beracha kavanas in the siddur Rashash 

Looking for a place to study Kabbalah and Penimiyus haTorah in RBS? 
please be in touch if you would like more information on joining us studying and or sponsoring / funding and dedication opportunities
  1. Leshem 10am
  2. 10:30-1pm Chavrusa learning Otzros Chaim in depth with shiur and sekimum
  3. Mon & Wed 12:15/12:30pm-1pm Kavanos Siddur HaRashash Matbea Berachah
Rav Karmi Ingber and Tal Moshe Zwecker

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