Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Donations Needed

From my friend Yanky Markowitz:

Dear Friends,

I have a close personal friend who is in serious trouble.
He has been suffering for several months with kidney failure.
Unfortunately he has now lost both kidneys and is in dire need of a transplant ASAP.

My friend is young in his thirties, he has three young children and his wife is beʼshaah tova expecting their next child.

My friend is an outstanding Talmid Chocham and Rosh Yeshiva who is moser nefesh to help troubled teens.

I am reaching out to you for help. Your donation is extremely important.
Please help my friend be zocheh to be a father and husband for his family, to be there for the birth of his newest child, to be there for his wife and kids, and to be there for the troubled teens that he helps.

Please open your hearts (and your pockets) to save this precious neshama.

You can send your check by mail to:

1572-39th ST.
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11218

Or you can deposit directly to: CHASE BANK
ACCT# 151045700865
ROUTING# 021000021
The account holderʼs information is same as above.

I assure you that every penny you send is going directly to TZEDAKA.

If you need more information donʼt hesitate to contact: Yanky Markowitz
786-472-1743 or 02-992-3530

OR to verify any information by calling: 1) Rʼ Chayim Glanz: 917-771-5335
2) Rʼ Dovid Weissman: 347-524-8553

And of course please daven for: AVRAHOM TZVI BEN SHAINDEL LEEBAH.

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