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Kedushas Levi Chukas Part II

Moshe said here "Listen now you rebels!" he rebuked the Jewish people with
harsh words, therefore he needed to strike the rock so that it should
perform for him as it was meant to. Had he uplifted Israel as we explained
above, as the Holy One Blessed be He had in mind "And you shall speak to the
rock," then he would have said the following to the rock: 'You who were
created for the purpose of serving Israel who are on such a high loft level,
you must do the task for which you were created, and give forth water for
Israel.' However now that he rebuked them using harsh words saying "Listen
you rebels," he needed to strike the rock to get it to perform the will of
Israel1, we find that one sin caused the other.2

This is hinted to in our verse "Since you have not believed in Me in order
to sanctify Me before the eyes of the children of Israel." Since he who
rebukes Israel with good words, can also give over this ability to the
nation as well. This is hinted to in the words literally leEynei - to
sanctify the eyes as our sages taught (Shir HaShirim Rabba 1:15) "the eyes
of the congregation" are the wise men of the congregation3, they will also
be able to grasp this ability.

1.See HaYom Yom 7 Adar II "Walking in the street one must think words of
Torah. Whether to actually pronounce the words depends on the place, if one
is permitted - according to Torah law - to utter words of Torah there. But
when someone goes about not occupied with Torah words,1 then the stone he
treads on exclaims: "Bulach! ('clod', in Russian) How dare you trample me!
How are you any higher than I am?"
And also HaYom Yom 15 Adar I "It is said of the Time To Come: Chabakuk 2:11
"A stone in the wall will cry out and a beam from the tree will respond." At
present, inert creations are mute; though trodden upon, they remain silent.
But there will come a time when the revelation of the Future becomes a
reality, that the inert will begin to speak, relate and demand: "If a man
was walking along without thinking or speaking words of Torah, why did he
trample upon me?" The earth trodden upon has been waiting for millenia, ever
since the Six Days of Creation. All kinds of living creatures have been
treading upon it all this time, but it is waiting for a Jew (or two Jews) to
walk on it while discussing Torah. But if they do not say words of Torah,
the earth will protest: "You too are just like an animal!" (Compiled and
arranged by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of
righteous memory, in 5703 (1943) from the talks and letters of the sixth
Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, of righteous memory.)
2.See also Gur Aryeh of the Maharal on 20:12 and Maharsha Aggados Sotah 12b.
3.See Kedushas on Channukah Fifth Kedushah and Rashi to Ta'anis 24a sv
MeAynei. See also Rabbeinu Bachaya VaYikra 4:13, Moreh nevuchim I Chap 30
the eyes of the congregation refers to its leaders and heads these are the
sages. Etz Chaim of AriZal 8:1.

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