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Kedushas Levi on Parshas Chukas PART I

Kedushas Levi on Parshas Chukas The Proper Way to Rebuke

"And you shall speak to the rock before their eyes etc. since you have not
believed in Me, in order to sanctify Me before the eyes of the children of
Israel." (20:8-12)

Rashi and the Ramban disagree with each-other as to what Moshe's sin was.
One of them (The Ramban on verse 8 in the name of the Rambam) interprets
that Moshe's sin was that he said to Israel "Listen you rebels etc." And
the other (Rashi verse 11-12) interprets that his sin was striking the rock.

It seems to me that these explanations are really the same one because one
caused the other. There are two categories of people who rebuke Israel so
that they should fulfill the will of their Blessed Creator. One rebukes with
goodly words, meaning that he tells each Jew of his great advantages and of
the source of his soul, that each soul is hewn from the throne of glory
(Zohar I 113a) and of the great pleasure that the Creator Blessed is He
derives so to speak from the mitzvos of each Jew and the great joy and
happiness that permeates all the worlds when a Jew performs the mitzvos of
Blessed Creator. This form of rebuke causes the Jews' hearts to lean towards
fulfilling the will of the Creator Blessed is He, and that each Jew will
accept the yoke of the kingship of heaven upon themselves.

There are others who rebuke people with harsh and embarrassing words until
they have no choice but to do the will of the Creator.

The difference between them, is that the one who rebukes with good words,
he elevates the Jewish soul up higher and higher and he constantly tells
over stories and tales of the righteousness and the greatness of Israel, how
great is their power up above in Heaven, such a person is worthy of being a
leader over Israel. However the one who rebukes using harsh words is not of
this league.

The one who rebukes with good words, who constantly tells over stories and
tales of the greatness of Israel and their righteousness, then everything
that was ever created in this world must now of their own volition fulfill
the will of the Jewish people for their created purpose which is for the
Israel. (See First Rashi on Bereshis 1:1, vaYikra Rabba 36:4) However
regarding the one who does not relate and tell over the greatness and
righteousness of Israel, then any creature must be greatly forced to perform
its function and fulfill it's purpose for which it was created, meaning to
do the will of Israel.

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