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newly translated teachings Noam Elimelech Parshas Bo

Some newly translated teachings for you from the upcoming new book with new
stories and Torahs that is being worked on

Noam Elimelech Parshas Bo
Hashem Smote with Plagues Based on Our Merits

"VaYomer Hashem El Moshe Neta Yadcha Al Eretz Mitzraim BeArbeh - And Hashem
spoke to Moshe - stretch forth your hand over the land of Egypt with

We should take notice of the strange wording BeArbeh - with locusts. It
seems to me we can explain this based on the verse in VaEra (9:15) where it
is written regarding the plague of hail - Barad; "Now I have stretched forth
my hand and I shall smite you etc. with Dever - plague however for this
reason I have brought you here etc." We should take notice and ask why
specifically was this said during the plague of hail?

The concept is that all the plagues that fell on Pharaoh came about through
a specific merit that Yisroel had or will have. And each plague, is
corresponding to that specific merit. This is in fact the meaning of the
previous verse because the plague of hail - barad came [upon the Egyptians]
on the merit of [Yisroel's] constant speech, how they give continuous praise
and thanksgiving to Hashem. Since this is so, it is only lawfully proper and
fitting that in its place would come a corresponding the plague of Dever
since it shares the same letters exactly as the word for speech - Dibbur. As
we explained above Kana"l. This is why he said "And now I have stretched for
the my hand and I shall smite you with the plague of dever," because this is
proper as we explained Kana"l. "However for this reason I have brought you
in order that you tell of My name." I transformed the letters diber - spoken
into barad - hail and not into dever - plague. This is also the meaning of
BeArbeh - because I said "Harbe Arbe - I will greatly increase your seed and
offspring." (Bereshis 22:17) Kana"l as I explained above. This is easy to

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