Sunday, June 7, 2009

Part II

"Each man LeFi according to his portion that he consumes Ochlo, slaughter to
the lamb." Meaning each person should take stock and reckon what he has
perverted or destroyed heaven forbid, since consumption can mean destruction
as in the verse in Mishlei (30:20) "An adulterous woman, she destroyed -
Achlah and wiped her mouth." Lefi - according to can also mean to sharpen as
in the verse
in Bereshis (34:26) - "By the mouth of the sword - Lefi Charev." Meaning
that each person acording to his sharp reasoning and his calculations of
what he has destroyed should greatly strengthen himself and sacrifice
himself, as the sheep is slaughtered, do this until you reach the proper
level of humility and subjugate yourself greatly as we explained above.
"An unblemished lamb," teaches us that we should be unblemished in our
character regarding the trait of humility always without interruption.
"A male," you should take on the trait of the masculine. Thoughts are called
feminine, since thoughts give birth to speech. This is because when someone
wishes to speak, first they think about what they are going to say, we find
therefore that thought gives birth to speech. Speech is therefore known as
masculine, and we must seek to purify our thoughts and speech. This is the
meaning of the Gemara "Zachor and Shamor were said in one utterance."
Meaning to say that Zachor - remember, refers to speech as we explained
above, and Shamor - safeguard alludes to thought, as in the verse "his
father safegaurded the matter in his mind." (Bereshis 37:11). Whether we are
discussing speech or thought, they both must be done in purity and sanctity.
Meaning that if he is thinking about performing a mitzvah, he should speak
something aloud with his mouth that he wants to fulfill this commandment and
he should say "Le'Shem Yichud Kidsha Brich Hi, i'Shechintay." (In order to
unify the Holy One Blessed be He and the Shechina.)2

This is also the meaning of the verse in Devarim (8:3) "Man does not live by
bread alone, rather by the word of G-d, (literally what comes out of G-d's
mouth) does he live." Meaning to say, that whatever comes out of his mouth,
that is done for G-d's sake, man lives, this is the primary force that gives
life to man. Returning to our subject, Zachar - a male alludes to speech as
explained that whatever he utters and is spoken aloud, coming out of his
mouth is done for the same of HaKadosh Baruch Hu and the Shechina.

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