Sunday, June 7, 2009

Part III

"Ben Shana - A year old," hints that man should refine himself so much that
he will be as pure and untainted with sin as a one year old baby. This is
taught in the Gemara on the verse regarding King Shaul in Shmuel I (13:1)
"One year old, lacking sin," as we just explained.

"From the sheep and from the goats you may take it." It seems to me that
since it is written in Bamidbar (28:4) "the first sheep you should sacrifice
in the morning, and the second sheep in the evening." The meaning can be as
follows: The Torah alluded to us two levels that man can live by and
perform. Keves - meaning sheep can be read as Kevesh - which means a ramp
and alludes to a higher level of performance. This means that one level
should be done in the morning, which alludes to kindness since morning is a
time of chesed. The Tzadik must always seek to awaken kindness from the
higher worlds. The second level, in the evening alludes to Teshuva and
repentance over his iniquities which he has transgressed heaven forbid. In
the evening is a time of darkness. This can be used to explain the sages
meaning when they asked "What is the reason that the goats go first?" Goats
or Izim is the same wording for audacity, brazenness and strength - Azus.
Because one must use all those traits to overcome his evil inclination and
repent and return with complete sincere Teshuva before he can try to walk
and tread upon the lofty levels of Avodas Hashem and Divine service. This is
the "reason why the goats go first," meaning that Teshuva done using the
trait of Azus - must be first. This follows the order of creation, first
darkness, then light. Meaning that one must initially rectify the darkness
of sin and only afterwards will there be light. "What is the reason these
are covered and those are revealed? Those which are covered are hidden from
him." The meaning is as it says in the Gemara "He who discusses his sins
aloud is considered brazen and chutzpadik, as it is written in Tehillim
(32:1) "Praiseworthy and fortunate are those who carry their transgressions
and conceal their sins." Behold, the penitent Ba'al Teshuva or master of
return and repentance, when he wishes to draw down abundant blessings, he
must do so in a hidden manner, because of Kitrug - or heavenly prosecutions
against him, heaven forbid.

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