Sunday, June 7, 2009

Part IV

A completely righteous Tzadik is initially able
to go in an open and revealed manner, he can say that he is praying for all
people for all their needs and lacks, he can also constantly excuse them and
advocate on their behalf in front of others. He is constantly roaring as a
lion, bemoaning his lack of Avodas Hashem, his lack of serving Hashem
properly and he considers himself as a sinner, heaven forbid. This is "the
reason why those are hidden," meaning to say that their sins must be covered
up and hidden. The reason is because "they are covered from them," an influx
of abundant blessings that come through a penitent Ba'al Teshuva must be
hidden and covered from any heavenly prosecutions and kitrug as explained
above. "These are revealed," the completely righteous Tzadikim, who can act
straight off in an open, revealed manner, as we explained, "they are
revealed from them," their drawn influx of shefa and blessings can be
revealed as well, because they need not fear the kitrug - and prosecutions.
This is the meaning of the verse "Sheep (are used) for your clothing,"
(Mishlei 27:26) [Kevesh is being read here too as a ramp or a level in
serving Hashem.] Meaning to say that you should see to it, that all your
levels should be without shame. This is how to read for your clothing -
LeLevushecha, see it as Notrikon - a compound word made up of the words LeLo
Busha - without shame. This is how we explain the above verse "from the
sheep and the goats you shall take." It hints to all what we said above,
this is easy to understand.

1The Rebbe teaches previously on the verse "VaYichu Lahem Ish Seh - Each man
should take a lamb for himself," that this means a Tzasik who wishes to
bless others and draw down an influx of blessings he must humble and
subjugate himself which is alluded to in the word for lamb - seh. As it says
in Yirmiyah (50:17) "Seh Pezura Yisroel - Israel is like dispersed lamb."
Meaning he who is known by the name Yisroel who is a complete and total
Tzadik should be humble and lowly in his own eyes like a lamb, and his soul
should be dispersed and and spread out over many topics and ideas which
touch upon G-d's word.
2See Tzeital Katan #4, Metzora "Le'Shem Yichud" and Devarim "Shabbos and
LeShem Yichud: Two Pieces of Advice."

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