Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dveykus Part I

I was re-reading several posts on one of my favorite blogs here:

This is a topic that on the one hand I dont like to talk about because too
many times it involves personal feelings and emotions. One the one hand how
dare we challenge such great figures such as the Satmar Rav on his stance
mentioned in the above posts, or even the Rebbes of Chabad who felt their
divisions or understanding of Chassidus or their label of Polish or Chagas
was true?

On the other hand rather than challenge, agree, disagree or label,
(something I too am guilty of sometimes) I would like to try an exploration.
That is I would like to attempt to explore the heart and soul of personal
dveykus which as Rebbe Nachman was quoted is something so personal and
unique that often times we cannot even describe it to ourselves.

So instead of labeling or stuffing anything into neat boxes and ramming it
till it fits! I want to open my own experiences to my readers. Some of you
may readily dismiss this, others may feel that I am sharing something too
private, however I feel that there is no other way.

Too many of us have suffered as we seek Hashem alone. You are not alone, the
Ba'al Shem Tov's creation of Chassidus was an attempt to make sure that we
are never alone in this quest.

Who wishes to join me? Read on...

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