Thursday, September 10, 2009

Your help please with a letter

I am in the process of applying to several grants and foundations to help me
produce more translations and sefarim as well to start the Jewish Heritage

If any of you have benefited directly or indirectly in any way from the Noam
Elimelech or other work I have done or am working on and you wish to help
please read on

If you would be so kind as to email me or send by traditional (snail) mail
how and why this work helped you, inspired you or why you believe in what we
are doing and please email or mail me your
recommendation/support/endorsement letters this can be helpful to me in
securing funding to make these dreams a reality.

Letters can be emailed to
or sent to
R' Tal Moshe Zwecker
10 Nachal Uriah St Apt 7
Ramat Bet Shemesh Alef, Israel

Thanks for all your help and support!
Wishing all of us a fruitful healthy and happy new year
Kol Tuv,
R' Tal Moshe Zwecker
Director Machon Be'er Mayim Chaim
Phone: 972-2-992-1218 / Cell: 972-54-842-4725
VoIP: 516-320-6022
eFax: 1-832-213-3135
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