Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chodesh Elul insights

The Divrei Chaim of Tzanz said that on Chodesh Elul even a small worm crawling beneath a rock on the seabed shudders and shakes from awe and fright!
From the upcoming Yalkut Noam Elimelech on Moadim

Opening the Gates of Repentance –

Rebbe Elimelech the author of the Noam Elimelech taught that Elul can be read as a compound work which means Alef – Lul. Alef refers to Hashem the Alufo shel olam – Master of the World. Lul means a coop or enclosure like a chicken coop. Elul therefore is a time when the Alef – Alufo shel Olam that is the Master of the World opens the Lul or enclosure for those who knock on its door begging Hashem to open wide the gates of repentance. Whoever attaches himself to that Alef – Alufo shel Olam that is the Master of the World, with rapture and dveykus merits that the gates of repentance hinted at in Elul are opened before him. (Yismach Yisroel Alexander Re'eh 40:1)

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