Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chodesh Elul insights

From the upcoming Yalkut Noam Elimelech on Moadim

The Power of Elul –

In the name of Rav Itzikil of Pshevorsk: Once during one if the days of the month of Elul the Rebbe Elimelech entered his Beis Midrash and approached one of the yungeleit, the youn men who sat and learned there and said to him: "Chodesh Elul – It is the month of Elul!" His knees began to shake and quiver in fear, his teeth began to chatter in sheer fright and he broke out in a sweat. Eventually he fainted and fell to the floor. All this happened simply from the Rebbe's pure statement that the month of Elul had arrived! (Shivchei Rebbe Elimelech Chap 3 p26)

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