Tuesday, December 25, 2012


There are two types of Teshuva first one must repent over the sins he
has done, and then one must also repent over the time wasted sinning
which could have been instead used and utilized in serving Hashem and
uplifting oneself to the highest heights!

Mahari (Rav Yehoshua) Belzer

In the place where Baalei Teshuva stand not even great Tzadikim can
stand there: (Gemarra Berachos) The meaning of the word Ba'al Teshuva
is similar to a Baal HaBayis - which literally means master of the
house, to be master over one's home is to be called a Baal HaBayis,
thus a true Baal Teshuva is one who has mastered the art of repentance
and return

Maharid (Rav Yissacher Dov) Belzer

Once a Rav asked Rav Yehoshua of Belz, who was just a young boy at
that time, why Shalosh Seudos was conducted in the dark (as was the
custom then in Belz and many Chassidic courts that Shalosh Seudos the
3rd Shabbos meal was held in darkness). "It does not make sense," he
asked the young lad, "all three meals on Shabbos correspond to the 3
patriarchs the Avos Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov, so Shalosh Seudos
corresponds to Yaakov who was known as the bechir haAvos the most
accomplished and complete of the patriarchs, why then is it not held
in the light as a joyful festive occasion such as that warrants and
befits it?!" "You are mistaken," answered the young Rav Yehoshua,
Shalosh Seudos is a time of great yearning and an auspicious time ripe
for repentance and Teshuva, when one repents and does Teshuva he cries
over his misdeeds, thus it is held in the dark so no one can see the
other cry."

Rav Yissacher Dov of Belz used to boast that every Shabbos there were
new guests welcome in Belz, one year Rosh HaShanna preceded Shabbos
and they were attached, Rav Pinchas of Ostila, the Belzer Rav's
son-in-law jokingly asked his father-in-law who the new guests for
Shabbos were this time? since obviously no one new arrived between
Rosh HaShanna and Shabbos? "You are mistaken," answered Rav Yissacher
Dov, Rosh HaShanna has just passed and everyone here has repented and
done Teshuva, the process of true teshuva and repentance transforms
us, thus everyone here is a brand new person, so as usual I am right,
there are always new guests on Shabbos in Belz!"

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