Monday, February 4, 2013

Yisro - Ten Commandments

I wish I could have sent this out an shared these teachings before Shabbos but all these ideas only came to me on Shabbos as I studied them, but there is never too early or late in the Torah as they say:

All 3 of these appear in the collection known as Siach Sarfei Kodesh

1. The Kotzker asked what did David haMelech innovate in the verse in Tehillim 81 "You shall have no foreign gods among you"? Isnt this an explicit Divine commandment from the ten commandmnets, "You shall have no other gods before Me," in parashas Yisro ?! If so what chiddush is there in King David's words?!
The Kotzker answered that King David meant: G-d Himself should not foreign to you!
The posuk in Tehillim reminded me of the idea that "we should have no foreign gods within us!" within us there are evil urges and desires pulling us like foreign deities to worship something else!

2. The Chiddushei HaRim, the first Gerrer Rebbe cited the teaching of our sages in the Midrash that Zachor and Shamor, the commandment to remember Shabbos and Safeguard it mentioned here in Shemos and repeated in Devarim was said simultaneously both as Remember and Safeguard, which Chazal taught is something which the mouth cannot utter and the ear cannot hear. The Chiddushei HaRim asked if these ideas are so lofty that no human mouth can utter them, nor can any hyuman ear hear them, why say them? He answered that nonetheless the act upon the soul.
It occurred to me that this may mean, that even though our mouths cannot utter it and our ears cannot hear it, but our hearts can. Because the heart has the capacity to transcend the barriers of sight and sound. Sight, sound and speech can mold and impress, however the power to love, that emotion transcends them for it transcends all boundaries and defies all logic and reason. We can love without seeing or hearing and so our heart can feel this even if our mouths and ears cannot speak or hear it.


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