Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sadness and Depression

Sadness, Fears and Phobias

Try not to be too punctilious and exacting with every thing you do, because such thoughts are products of the evil inclination. He causes many to have excessive fears and phobias that constantly plague him causing him to fear that he has not done his religious duty properly and that he has not fulfilled his religious obligations. This brings a person down and causes sadness and despair.

Sadness is one of the greatest obstacles in serving Hashem as is known. Even is you stumble and sin inadvertently, nonetheless do not be overly sad and depressed because this will stop your Avodas Hashem and prevent it. Rather you should be sad or upset about the sin itself you committed and you should return and be happy once more, rejoicing in Hashem, your Creator. because you sincerely regret your mistakes and promise not to do so again.

Even if you are sure that you actually cannot fulfill your religious duty or obligation because of the many obstacles in your path, still, do not be sad or despondent. Rather think to yourself that the Blessed Creator who examines your innermost heart and knows what is really going on inside, He knows what your true sincere intentions are and that your will was to do your best.

(Rav Asher from Karlin Stolin – Intro to Beis Aharon #2 pg 3)


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