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Simcha in Avodas Hashem

Simcha in Avodas Hashem

You should exceedingly rejoice over anything that you do and any service that you perform in the act of serving Hashem. Your Avodas Hashem should be something very dear and precious to you. You should feel as if you have made up your mind to never part with even the smallest act you have done in Avodas Hashem, to the point where if someone were to offer you a large amount of money you would not be willing to sell any of it for all the money in the world! Whether it is a single spoken word or even just one act, even if all it took was a moment's time surely it was not lost. Rather this action has had a great effect and an immense lasting consequence for you and perhaps for the entire Jewish people as well, as is known. Is there any greater joy and happiness than that? That the Creator's will was done and fulfilled and the entire purpose of Creation was actualized? Do whatever you can, and desire to strive and do whatever possible whether it seems to be a small insignificant act to you or not as is known from the tzadikim R' Elazar and R' Shimon [bar Yochai]. As people say, as the folksaying goes – whatever opportunity you can get at the trade fair is good.

(Rav Asher from Karlin Stolin – Intro to Beis Aharon #3 pg 4)


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