Tuesday, July 2, 2013

An Amazing Chassidishe Story


There was once a Jew who heard about the great Rebbe Reb Zisha of hanipoli, it was during the days of awe and repentance around Rosha HaShanna YomKippur time and he traveled to meet the Rebb in person. When he arrived in the beis midrash he found Reb Zisha wrapped in Tallis and Tefillin reciting viduy, the confession while at the front of the shul an amazoing spectacle was taking place: a man lay there on the floor wracking with sobs and crying out "O woe for me I am a sinner and a criminal and a good for nothing," as he sobbed and cried he banged his fists into the floor and writhed in sheer agony! Witnessing the newcomer's obvious bafflement, Reb Zisha turned to him and explained, (calling himself by name in the third person dimunitive humble way which was Zisha's!) "this man was a grievous sinner, finally they caught him in the act and brought him to Zisha, but he still refused to confess and own up. Zisha tried to get him to repent to no avail, finally Zisha saw no choice so I bound and attached my soul to his and as Zisha recited viduy and confessed all of his terrible sins the man became a baal teshuva." Eventually he became a true baal teshuva, and the newcomer a fiery chassid and disciple of his new Rebbe. (Siach Sarfei Kodesh)


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