Friday, July 5, 2013

Chozeh MeLublin a Lesson in Emunah

A Beracha LeVatalah

Someone once came to the holy Chozeh the Seer of Lublin, and complained, "Rebbe this morning I made a Beracha LeVatalah! I recited a blessing in vain! I recited the blessing in Birkas HaShachar SheAsa Li kol Tzorki - Blessed is Hashem Who fulfilled all my needs"
"But Rebbe," he bemoaned his fate, "I am so poor and impoverished that I have no money, no food, Rebbe I dont even own a proper pair of shoes! So Rebbe, I recited a Beracha LeVatalah, do I say now say Baruch Shem Kevod Malchuso to compensate (as is the halacha in Jewish law?)"

The Chozeh answered the distraught chossid, "No, you did not recite a blessing in vain," explained the Rebbe, "it was not a beracha levatalah because whatever Hashem has given you is what you need, whatever you do have that is what Hashem in His infinite wisdom has decreed that is what you actually need."

May hashem open our eyes, may we all be granted the emunah and butachin, the faith and trust to see that what we have is what we need, Amen


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